Chronic Health Issues

We ask that students/parents/guardians inform us of known acute and chronic health issues so individualized healthcare plans and/or emergency plans can be completed as necessary. Please notify the school nurse with concerns about student health issues. An annual health/emergency update form is requested prior to the start of each school year (Annual health/emergency update form). In addition, parents of students with known chronic diseases will be asked to provide a disease-specific update annually.

Seizure Action Plan
     •Seizure Information Sheet for classroom/teachers
   •Authorization for Administration of Meds Form

Authorization for Administration of Meds Form

•Diabetes Emergency Plan

Severe Allergy
   Severe Allergy Care Plan   Authorization for Administration of Meds Form
    (use this for self-carry of EpiPen, need physician signature)

   •Asthma History Form
   •Asthma Action Plan
   Authorization for Administration of Meds Form
   Authorization for Self Administration of Meds Form

Go to Health Service Forms Page to Download the Chronic Illness Forms.