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  September 2014  
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   "Great American Fundraiser" Orders Due
   Sep 23 2014
   MS/HS Vision & Hearing
   Sep 24 2014
   Sep 26 2014 at 07:17 PM
   Elementary Picture Retakes
   Sep 29 2014
   Park Vision & Hearing Screening
   Oct 07 2014

Making Our Education Complete

Providing the best educational experience for our students and families is our first priority at LS-H, but that is only one piece of the big picture.

Creating a safe, secure, engaging and challenging environment is just as important.

We build our education model with the same purpose. It’s learning how to be a good person to those around you and the process starts by looking in the mirror.

At the secondary level, we use the Whole Child Philosophy that is framed by six tenants ensuring each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged and sustained. All of these tenants have to be met for a child to be ready to learn.

The Whole Child takes another program, Character Counts, introduced in the district several years ago, to a higher level. Both of these programs are in the third year of implementation and have provided us with opportunities to become stronger educators.

We have been notified that MnDot will now be closing Hwy. 169 ramps at Hwy. 93 and Sibley Co. Rd. 8 on Tuesday, September 9th until early October.  These closures will have a slight impact on some of our bus schedules.  Bus routes affected by the ramp closures are routes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 14.  To adjust for this, we will be starting these routes 5 minutes earlier in the morning and riders will arrive at their drop-off 5 minutes later at the end of the day.  All bus riders should be at their bus stop 5 minutes earlier than their originally assigned time.  For more information, please contact Transportation Director, Pat Doherty at 507-665-4650.

The Le Sueur-Henderson School District will be celebrating its annual Homecoming September 21st – 27th.  With Homecoming comes many memory-making events that will remain with students for a lifetime.  The Homecoming court, special activities during the week, athletic events, and of course the dance are all special events that make high school years so memorable.

Some non-school events have been associated with homecoming over the years.  Most of these events are intended to be pranks or jokes and be funny.  Unfortunately, the victims of the pranks and jokes do not find them funny.  In fact, they are causing worries about safety and financial hardships.  To understand the level the pranks have gone, these actions are considered acts of vandalism and trespassing.  The Le Sueur-Henderson School District does not support or condone any of these non-school events.  We will however, assist and support law enforcement’s prosecution of any individuals or groups engaging in activities that damage others property or person.  We request that anyone with information about someone involved in any such activities contact the Le Sueur Police Department at 507-665-3313. 

Our goal is for everyone to enjoy a safe and pleasurable Homecoming celebration that will provide fond memories for all.

Le Sueur-Henderson Public Schools will be hosting a School Board Candidate
Forum on Thursday, October 30th at 7:00pm in the Middle/High School Auditorium.
The purpose of this forum is to educate our citizens about the candidates prior to
Election Day.  This forum will last approximately 1 hour.

We are also asking residents to submit any questions or topics they would like
posed to the candidates by Wednesday, October 1st.  Questions can be submitted
via our Facebook page (Le Sueur-Henderson Public Schools), Twitter (@isd2397)
or emailed to Stacy Lawrence (  This forum is open to the
public and we encourage them to attend.

Today is Wednesday, July 16. We’re past the midway point of summer.

Where has the time gone?

If students have not already purchased some of their supplies for the upcoming year, I am sure plans are being made in preparation for when that first bell beckons them back to the classroom in September. Ok, maybe our learners are trying to put off the inevitable, but it’s time to at least check your engine levels.

Are we ready to make this our best year ever? Our custodians are busy making every inch of our facilities shine. 

It’s a glow that will carry us through the 2014-15 school year and make us proud of LS-H. 

As parents, do you have goals for yourself of how to help your child succeed? Maybe, there’s a subject that needs a little boost. Is there a talent in your child that needs encouragement? As administers and teachers, are we ready to take that material from those summer conferences and apply them in the classroom?

For students, how are you going to make your mark? In the classroom, co-curriculars, in the community? Are you volunteering at the food shelf or the local hospital or nursing home? How can you make your voice be heard? What do you value? When someone asks you what two or three words define you, what will you say?
In other words, do you have a strategic plan for where you need to be now, next June and the following June? If you will be a senior, can you look at your roadmap and say you have accomplished your goals and stayed on track?