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  July 2014  
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   PreK Conferences
   Aug 28 2014 at 04:49 PM
   4th Grade Youth Frontiers Kindness Retreat
   Sep 19 2014 at 12:35 PM
   4th/5th Grade Field Trip to the Ordway
   Oct 07 2014 at 09:37 AM
   Preschool Screening
   Nov 07 2014
   Preschool Screening
   Jan 29 2015

Today is Wednesday, July 16. We’re past the midway point of summer.

Where has the time gone?

If students have not already purchased some of their supplies for the upcoming year, I am sure plans are being made in preparation for when that first bell beckons them back to the classroom in September. Ok, maybe our learners are trying to put off the inevitable, but it’s time to at least check your engine levels.

Are we ready to make this our best year ever? Our custodians are busy making every inch of our facilities shine. 

It’s a glow that will carry us through the 2014-15 school year and make us proud of LS-H. 

As parents, do you have goals for yourself of how to help your child succeed? Maybe, there’s a subject that needs a little boost. Is there a talent in your child that needs encouragement? As administers and teachers, are we ready to take that material from those summer conferences and apply them in the classroom?

For students, how are you going to make your mark? In the classroom, co-curriculars, in the community? Are you volunteering at the food shelf or the local hospital or nursing home? How can you make your voice be heard? What do you value? When someone asks you what two or three words define you, what will you say?
In other words, do you have a strategic plan for where you need to be now, next June and the following June? If you will be a senior, can you look at your roadmap and say you have accomplished your goals and stayed on track?


Le Sueur-Henderson Board of Education Filing Dates
Want to make a difference at your school?  Then run for a spot on the Le Sueur-Henderson Board of Education!  Filing dates are July 29th - August 12th.  Affidavits of Candidacy and a $2.00 filing fee are due in the District Office no later than 5:00pm on August 12th (Affidavits of Candidacy are available in our office beginning next week).  The District Office is housed within Park Elementary at 115 North 5th Street.  Normal office hours are 7:30am - 4:00pm.

The District Office will be closed Monday, July 21st - Friday, July 25th.
During this week, all Internet and telephone service will be unavailable while we perform updates.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.