COVID Return to School Plan and Procedures


ISD 2397 always recommends that individuals or students who feel that they could come in contact with someone who has been exposed to COVID or has COVID should wear masks. Wearing masks will also help individuals to avoid being quarantined for a period of time. 

The school district always encourages parents to screen their children at home and to keep them home if they are exhibiting any sickness that could spread including the flu, strep throat, COVID, etc. If a child is too ill to participate effectively at school, then the child should stay home until symptom free.  Any adult or child who exhibits flu symptoms, strep throat, COVID symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, 100+ fever, should be symptom free for at least 24 hours before returning unless it is COVID.  If the sickness is COVID related then the parent and child should follow the protocol. The MDH decision tree link is here to aid in determining what to do.

At this point, the school district is not mandating masks but we encourage any and all to mask up for their safety as well as get vaccinated. In an effort to open our buildings and to keep the occupants of the buildings as safe as possible the school district asks and strongly recommends parents to do the following: 

  • If exposed to COVID from anyone in the household or from outside the family, wear a mask for 10 calendar days or stay home.

  • If exhibiting COVID symptoms – as long as the student isn’t showing tell-tale signs of vomiting, we recommend the best practices of the CDC and Minnesota Dept. of Health that the child stay home.  We leave it up to the families – if their child is showing symptoms they should stay home. 

  • If only exposed to covid and if an individual shows no symptoms, they can attend school if they wear a mask.  

  • It is mandated by federal law that any form of public transportation requires individuals to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Students and adults have to wear a mask to ride the school bus. 

  • We will let families know if there was a potential exposure in school through email or written notices.

  1. If there is a potential exposure

    1. We encourage families to get tested.

    2. We encourage families and individual students to stay home for 10 calendar days especially with symptoms. 

    3. If families decide to send their child to school, we recommend them to wear a mask for 10 calendar days.  

    4. If a student is showing any symptoms we will send them home  as well as if the symptoms prevent normal participation in class. We will not test for covid at school. We only look for symptoms. 

  2. If there is a known exposure at home

    1. We encourage families to get all household members  tested

    2. We encourage all family members to stay home for 10 calendar days. Use the MDH Decision tree to determine the steps to follow.

    3. If families decide to send their child to school, we ask them to wear a mask for 10 calendar days.

    4. If a student is showing any symptoms we will send them home if the symptoms appear to be something that will spread which includes flu, fever, strep throat, covid related, etc..  

    5. If the student has not shown any symptoms during the 10 days of wearing the mask from being exposed, they can then stop wearing the mask after the ten days. 

As a district, we recommend individuals to follow MDH recommendations and follow the guidelines that LSH district is implementing in our return to school plan.  Our goal is to keep schools open and to allow students the opportunities to be there if they have no symptoms of being sick. 

The following measure will be done in each of the buildings to help prevent the spread:

  • HS/MS Classrooms will be sanitized frequently throughout the day to keep rooms and desks sanitized. 

  • Each child will have their hands sanitized coming in and out of the classroom

  • Each room in each building will be thoroughly cleaned with an electro-static sprayer at the end of the day

  • Custodial staff will be cleaning throughout the day the high touch areas, bathrooms, railings, etc.  

  • We encourage water bottles

Parents will need to determine if they or their child has been in close contact.  The link to close contact definition by the CDC and MDH:

Thank you for cooperating and helping us to open our schools to the students while keeping our students as safe as we can with this changing landscape.  This plan will evolve as we monitor the cases in the area and if we are directed to change by the state.  The hope is that based on the increase of vaccinations, the spike that is occurring will begin to go down.