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  October 2014  
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   Hilltop Vision/Hearing Screening
   Oct 28 2014
   5th Grade Eagle Bluff Field Trip
   Oct 29 2014
   Park Vision & Hearing Re-screen
   Oct 30 2014
   School Board Candidate Forum
   Oct 30 2014 at 07:00 PM
   No Classes
   Nov 03 2014


We will be hosting a School Board Candidate Forum on Thursday, October 30th
at 7:00pm in the Middle/High School Auditorium.
The purpose of the forum is to educate our citizens about the candidates prior to
Election Day.  This forum will last approximately 1 hour and the public is
encouraged to attend.

In late August, the Minnesota Department of Education released its annual comprehensive assessment test results.

Otherwise known as the MCAs, these scores are often used as a measuring stick for how well a school district fares in terms of student achievement. In addition, the results are used as a barometer to compare one district against another.

Yes, the amount of raw data available is staggering. Reams of information are at our fingertips, not only for the current year, but also for the past years. Sorting through this forest of information can be challenging.

Within this data, our teachers and administrators are examining all trends of positive and negative growth over the last five years. We have typically paralleled in movement with the state average. When the state test score average goes up, our scores have gone up. The same is true within our school when state score averages drop, so have our scores.

There is positive news on the home front when you look at the numbers. Based on the interpretation, we were able to increase our 25 percent curriculum coordinator teaching position to a 50 percent time Director of Curriculum administrative position. Comprehensive curriculum reviews and adoption are now taking place in reading and math.

To get a complete picture, in addition to examining the raw data, educators have examined instructional strategies that have been implemented as well as structural changes that have occurred and demographic shifts our district has experienced.


10/06/14 Regular School Board Meeting Highlights:
- Hired District School Nurse, Crystal Genelin
Committee Reports - Finance & Facilities:
- Met on 10/01/14 to discuss budgeting timeline, snow removal bids and equity in education
Meet & Confer:
- Met on 9/25/14 to look at 3 policies that are being updated through our policy review. These 3 policies were all in regards to our licensed staff. 
Old Business: 
- Approved overnight field trip to Eagle Bluff
- Approved snow bids for the 2014-2015 school year. 
New Business:
- Approved overnight trip to Suicide Awareness Voices of Education Youth Summit pending the Superintendent’s verification that all proper forms and documentation are in place before the event takes place.

A full copy of the minutes are available in the District Office for viewing.