Take a Virtual Field Trip to Explore and Experience the World
Student viewing work of art at the Minneapolis of Art.
Are you considering a field trip for your students this spring, but the budget won't allow it or the travel distance is too great? A virtual field trip is your solution. 

Taking a virtual field trip is a great way to take student learning outside of the classroom without using a plane, train, or an automobile. Virtual field trips utilize digital tools and the Internet to explore museums, landmarks, historical sites, and locations around the world that are rich with information and opportunities for learning. 

Are students studying the 1960 presidential election or President John F. Kennedy? Take a trip to the JFK Virtual Museum

Are students studying volcanos? Take your students to the top of Mount St. Helens and observe how it has changed over the last 30 years. 

The Smithsonian has great resources for students of all ages and offers virtual experiences for many exhibits. The Smithsonian for Kids exhibit is just one example. 

SimpleK12 has some great tips to get started with your first or next Virtual Field Trip: 

* Learn how to create your own virtual field trip using SimpleK12's "Conduct Virtual Field Trips" lesson. 
* Plan ahead. Setting up a virtual field trip can take time. 
* Stay safe. Make sure all sites are appropriate for students. 
* Have a goal and make sure the field trip purpose is clearly defined. 
* Give it a dry run. Make sure all the links and sites are working prior to the day of your field trip. 

Read SimpleK12's Guide for Educators to learn more about the positive learning experiences a virtual field trip offers students. Visit these resources for information and links to existing virtual field trips and sites: 

SimpleK12s list of virtual field trips 
Utah Education Network: Virtual Field Trips 
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OOPS Virtual Field Trip page 
Contact: Mike Sindahl